Let That Shit Go…


We can be so ingenious crafting our individual personal manifestos and paradigms that serve to support our deepest fears and the stories we refuse to work through and let go of. The “perfect life” or “perfect partner” and “nothing less will do” is a common one. A built-in excuse for failure. A cruel demand on self and others, to need, expect, and/or want another to be the salvation and answer to our own imperfections and healing. No matter how eloquently it is phrased or presented, it is not loving. It is separation. It is fear. Love doesn’t create or stubbornly protect the barriers we ourselves have designed to protect the places we fear to, and yet must enter in order to be free.

The separation stories ego/mind creates will not kill us, but they can kill the ability to live a beautiful, contented, loving, free life. Being courageous and fearless enough to let go of and drop the ‘protective’ armor / victim stories once and for all is the quickest way to free one’s self in my experience. Once fully released, it does not matter either way. The charge is gone. Let that shit go and BE FREE.

– mu

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