My New Motto: “Fuck It!”

* “Fuck It!”

That is my motto for the new paradigm We are ushering in.

“Fuck It!”

Saying it loud and proud. Saying it and really meaning it. No, not in an angry or pessimistic way. It’s the ultimate verbal accoutrement of the act of ‘letting go’. Letting go of whatever… barrier, trauma, resistance, drama, story, outcome, control… whatever might be holding ‘you’ or ‘me’ an imaginary hostage. Falsely holding you down, back, frozen, intimidated, scared, ashamed, WHATEVER.

“F U C K I T !”

When uttered with the utmost sincerity and authentic fuckitness, it’s like a mysterious key that opens up an invisible portal that you are already standing in/on the threshold of, but can’t see… yet.

But, you REALLY have to mean it from the depths and heights of your beingness. It’s the Ultimate Surrender and Victory. “Fuck It!” It’s not a weak or whimpy “I give up wahwahwah” victim “fuck it.” Oh no. Not even close. It’s powerful juju I tell you. Pure magic.

“Fuck It!”

(or “Fuck It Baby!” if you prefer it a bit more warm and fuzzy.)

Your Uni-verse awaits…

* Does my motto offend? “Fuck It!”

– mu

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