Being With Pain

Illness. Pain. The mind wants solutions… suggesting… trying… what if this, what if that…. it wants to escape the body pain… now! It’s so persistent in its quest to stop this actual ‘what is’ state. Jibber-jabbering away wanting to be helpful. I’m sitting here watching it do its thing… creating fear, scary thought, anxiety stories, all kinds and varieties of stories. I used to resist the mind and the body and the stories, but that just kept me tethered even more. So, I watch it do its thing. Jibber-jabber… when will it?… what if?… stop me in my tracks writhe, grimace involuntarily; disapprove of it as I’m sending it love and approval; call out to Uriel, Lester, god god god, a friend… what a cacophonous symphony. Not a distraction. Not to be denied, ignored, or by-passed. But to have the courage to dive into the apparent chaos where peace, pain, noise, silence, whatever-ness, and all of it resides. This is the challenge of illness… and life.
Courage to be with all of it, and to let it be all of what it is. Until it isn’t.
mu, 02/15/2016

Ojai, CA

Ah…. Lavender!

Ah… Lavender! You need look no further than your own garden to find the best of  Nature’s remedies and cures. Lavender is at the top of  my list of favorites.

This is a photo of the Egyptian lavender I planted in my garden last year. It has a lovely subtle scent with beautiful delicate purple flowers. I harvest the flowers about once a week to make small bouquets and place them around the “Dollhouse” (the name I have given my miniature living space).

Lavender has many natural healing properties. Research has shown that breathing in the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and puts you in a relaxed state. That’s why it calms anxiety instantly. Lavender essential oil (diluted in a carrier oil such as olive or grape seed oil) can be used to calm skin irritation and dry scalp. Dry food grade lavender helps soothe stomach issues like bloating or indigestion among other things.

Edgar Cayce recommended Lavender Flower water in his readings. I have discovered a wonderful blend of Vor-mag water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration) and Lavendula Angustifolia oil. It is certified organic/pesticide-free and is available at the Heritage Store. I indulge daily… as a meditation aid, air freshener, body splash… just a little spritz over my head, inhale deeply and slowly, and let the heavenly lavender water rain down on me!