Hello Beautiful!


Our beauty and brilliant beingness emanates from withIn. It just does. It just is.

That unnameable, unmistakeable energetic somethingness that EVERYone radiates inward/outward without even trying… without effort or external adornment.

There is no age barrier or expiration date to it. No tiny little box can hold it or limit its organic exquisiteness. No story teller can adequately define or describe it. No painter, camera, software, or plastic surgeon can capture or create it. It just is.

Do you see it? Feel it? Hear it in the silence? Close your eyes and listen…

Hello beautiful! 💜

– mu
September 4, 2014

Front Row Center: in the Now

Driving down the hill at Sanjon Road in Ventura awhile ago, I came across a view that was one of those views that stops you in your tracks. Thoughts stop, time stops, and you just marvel at the beauty of the scene before you… a few seconds or minutes (or until the stop light changes from red to green). The vast deep blue-green sea was peeking up just beyond the sand level. This massive body of water swaying side to side…gently rising and falling every so slightly… sunlit sparklers igniting the water here and there… the Channel Islands out of nowhere peeking through low cloud cover mist. And I’m sitting right there – front row center – where it all comes together in this moment. Thank you!