Does our Brain Create Synchronicity?

321596_359479884153404_1403369054_nWhile this blog is not strictly about the topic of synchronicity or “synchrodipity”, I ran across this article while perusing WordPress earlier and wanted to share this take on synchronicity as self-created ‘meaningful coincidences’, as opposed to something magical created from outside of self (i.e.: Jungian archetypes, supernatural cause or other external explanation etc.) I know that “EVERYthing is interconnected”, therefore the specific how or why of it doesn’t really matter… just the acknowledgment and recognition of the seemingly little ‘miracles’ that ‘happen’ (or that we create) in each and every present moment.  – mu

(Excerpts from) Rethinking Synchronicity: You Have the Amazing Ability to Create Coincidence

By Kirby Surprise Psy.D.

“Synchronistic events (SE) are those uncanny coincidences in which the environment seems to be speaking directly to us through events. In my work as a psychologist, I have clients who report radio and television broadcasts, random events of all sorts, comment on what they are thinking as if something was reading their minds. Psychologists call this experience “Thought of Reference.” Events seem to reference the thoughts of the client. Many clients with psychotic disorders experience thoughts of reference. But what if they were not reporting a symptom of mental illness, but an experience everyone has in some form? What if televisions really do seem to comment on what we are thinking?…

Everyone has experienced meaningful coincidences. They are explained by supernatural and religious beliefs, archetypal influences, or more exotic personal mythologies. SE mirrors these beliefs back to the observer. SE sometimes become mistaken for confirmations of the objective reality of personal beliefs. Most people are looking into the mirror of SE every day. They don’t realize the images they see are their own thoughts. You have an amazing ability. Your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences. The world shapes itself around your thoughts, presenting you with meaningful coincidences based on your inner life. Everyone creates their own SE, constantly. The ability is innate to the way our brains process information into meaning. This seemingly magical ability goes largely unnoticed, unexplained and misunderstood until it presents itself in spectacular form…

The brain deletes most information before it reaches consciousness, and often substantially alters our sensory information, filling in gaps and highlighting patterns it believes are important. As a result of this process we all live in a highly modified representation of the world. Our reality is literally a massively simplified construction of the patterns our brain thinks most important at any given moment. Finding meaning between patterns, between events, is what we do best. For SE, there are no physical limitations. For SE, there are no physical limitations. Rolling over a house is no more of a coincidence than rolling over a pair of dice. Our mirror test is the entire universe, and it reflects the meanings your mind creates. SE will appear to be caused by whatever the observer believes causes them. Looking for SE consciously, knowing SE are a mirror of your thoughts, reveals your astonishing ability to shape your experience of the universe according to the thoughts you choose.” – end (Emphasis in bold mine.)

Synchrodipity Defined


Synchrodipity may be described as: the delightful unfolding of events or manifestation of intentions that seem to be evidence of an Universal Intelligence and/or the interconnectedness of all things.  And, the sense of well-being and inner-peace that results from the experience of being in the flow.